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H. Reese Butler III, Secretary
Network Administration
Board of Directors
<p>Reese Butler founded the Kristin Brooks Hope Center and the National Hopeline Network 1.800.SUICIDE after losing his wife, Kristin Brooks Rossell, to suicide on April 7th 1998. When the federal government tried to take over control of 1-800-SUICIDE by force in 2006 Reese launched a campaign that took on Health and Human Services, the FCC and the Veterans Administration. Reese believed that the government had no business owning much less operating a suicide hotline. On December 3rd 2010 the US Court of Appeals ruled against the Federal Government as having been arbitrary and capricious. The order reversed the FCC ruling and instructed the FCC to return 1-800-SUICIDE to the Kristin Brooks Hope Center. Since 1998 when Reese turned his focus to the prevention of suicide, he has helped launch several other organizations: the National Council For Suicide Prevention, the California Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network (SPAN-CA), and the Virginia Suicide Prevention Council. Reese serves as member of the Steering Committee of the Iris Fund Alliance. Reese never graduated high school and was a millionaire at age 21. He founded the Connecticut Law Tribune in 1975 at the age of 19. By the end of 1977 he was publishing a daily law newspaper and the Hartford Tribune a daily newspaper of general circulation. He went on to start 20 more newspapers and periodicals over the next twenty years.</p>
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