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Heather Fortune, President/Founder
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Heather co-founded CharlotteMommies in 2002 and founded The Mommies Network in 2005. Heather has two beautiful daughters: Caroline Grace and Catherine Elizabeth. She has a B.A. in English Literature. She grew up in Ohio and Pennsylvania and moved to South Carolina when she was ten. Today she and her daughters live in Charlotte, NC. In her free time she enjoys reading and writing. Heather is our visionary and is passionate about reaching out and connecting with our membership and with the world outside TMN. She is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of TMN.
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  • Author Eden Klinedinst joins TMN Editorial Team

    Dear Mommies,

    It is my pleasure to introduce a new featured blogger on The Mommies Network. Eden Klinedinst is mom to a 1-year-old boy, Blaise, and author of Letters to New Moms: An Unusually Honest Look at the First Year. She has volunteered to write a bi-weekly column on our network blogs and we're excited to have her on our Editorial Team!

    Having read Eden’s book, it’s my pleasure to share it with you and encourage each of you to read it as well. Reading her letters, I was transported back to that time when Caroline and Caty were in this stage, reliving each emotion, each fear, each high and low right along with Eden as she shared her own experiences and feelings about each. It reminds me of why we are here at The Mommies Network, to be a support to moms like Eden around the country, and encourages me to continue to strive to be that to the mothers who need us.  I encourage all moms to read this book – everyone can take something from it -- an understanding that we are all, despite our differences, a lot more alike than it might seem.

    Are you a writer or blogger interested in sharing your mommy perspectives with our members? Please contact us at editorial@themommiesnetwork.org to learn more about joining our Editorial Team!

  • Can We End the Mommy Wars?

    I was checking out our Facebook page today and ran across a great article that Leslie, our Senior Advisor of Promotions, had shared. As I read the article, it reminded me of what we do here and why we do it. I felt compelled to share this article with you, in hopes that it will serve as a great illustration of what our mission and vision is for each of our chapters.

    You can read the article yourself here: 5 Mommy Wars that Just Aren't Worth the Fight by Jill Pond.

    There have been many posts on the internet about “The Mommy Wars” and all of the various topics that moms everywhere seem to fight about. If you have been a member of a TMN chapter, its likely that you have experienced one of these “wars” yourself – it seems that no “mom group” is immune to this sort of thing.