Chapter Founder Responsibilities

The role of Chapter Founder is a volunteer position; however, it holds a great deal of responsibility.

  • The Chapter Founder must be a leader, yet be willing to work within TMNs community model
  • The Chapter Founder must be willing to devote at least 15 hours per week to the development of the group. For the first three months this weekly time will most likely break down into 5-10 hours promoting the community via various online resources, 3-5 hours reading, asking questions and otherwise utilizing our Network-wide support forums and volunteers, 1-3 hours posting to your online forums and 2-4 hours attending events (including travel time).
  • The Chapter Founder must be able to work with many different types of people, be open-minded and non-discriminatory. She must be willing to handle conflicts that arise among the membership in a diplomatic manner.
  • The Chapter Founder must be willing to research and plan local get togethers (immediately) and charitable outreach opportunities (at around 12 months) and encourage members to participate in events planned by the group.
  • The Chapter Founder must be willing to seek out free local publicity options to help promote the group.
  • The Chapter Founder must be willing to raise funds (at around 12 months) to help support the group. The Mommies Network will purchase and pay for the website name and the webhosting, technical improvements and some promotional materials. The Chapter Founder will be responsible for raising any additional funds needed to aid her in promoting the group and covering some expenses for activities (i.e. nametags).
  • The Chapter Founder must understand that starting a group is a long-term commitment and that it will take time and effort to establish a group. The Mommies Network promises to support the Chapter Founder in any way possible to help her successfully develop and manage the group.
  • The Chapter Founder must agree to recruit her own support team (typically after 6 months), including a management team and a team of moderators that will help plan events and moderate the forums.
  • The Chapter Founder understands that if she is not adhering to the above expectations The Mommies Network may replace her or close the community.

The above does not in any way cover the entire scope of the position of Chapter Founder, but is merely given as a short list of qualities a successful Chapter Founder must possess. The duties of the Chapter Founder will flex as the group grows and expands and can not be listed exclusively on this page.