Chapter Launch Process

Chapter Launch Process

The Mommies Network has recently changed the way we open chapters, to ensure that our chapters have the best possible chance of success. Below is a brief outline of the Chapter Launch process.

Phase One

Potential Chapter Founder contacts TMN and has one-on-one meeting with Senior Advisor of Network Development & Administration. A name is selected and area boundaries are established.

Phase Two

An area group is established on the National Chapter. This group is managed by the new Chapter Founder, in tandem with the Senior Advisor of Network Development & Administration. Members of National Chapter area groups will be required to go through the regular membership process to join the area group, including confirming an address within the group's boundaries.

The Chapter Founder can rely on the traffic from the National Chapter to assist her as she promotes and develops her local group. Specific requirements must be met prior to moving to Phase Three.

Phase Three

A new website is established for the new chapter and members are moved over to the new chapter. At this point, the Chapter Founder should have a strong core group of members, as well as a small volunteer staff.