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The Truth Behind Achieving Your Heart’s Desire


I’d wanted a baby all my life. I’d wanted one for so long it turned into a need. This need for motherhood occupied my thoughts, it was the chisel that shaped present day decisions, and it inevitably found its way into all plans for the future. I would have a child of my own, I decided, one way or another.

Author Eden Klinedinst joins TMN Editorial Team

Dear Mommies,

It is my pleasure to introduce a new featured blogger on The Mommies Network. Eden Klinedinst is mom to a 1-year-old boy, Blaise, and author of Letters to New Moms: An Unusually Honest Look at the First Year. She has volunteered to write a bi-weekly column on our network blogs and we're excited to have her on our Editorial Team!

Having read Eden’s book, it’s my pleasure to share it with you and encourage each of you to read it as well. Reading her letters, I was transported back to that time when Caroline and Caty were in this stage, reliving each emotion, each fear, each high and low right along with Eden as she shared her own experiences and feelings about each. It reminds me of why we are here at The Mommies Network, to be a support to moms like Eden around the country, and encourages me to continue to strive to be that to the mothers who need us.  I encourage all moms to read this book – everyone can take something from it -- an understanding that we are all, despite our differences, a lot more alike than it might seem.

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Family Volunteer Day!

Get into the holiday season spirit by getting your family together to contribute to your community!

Family Volunteer Day celebrates families who work together to support their neighbors and neighborhoods. Every year, thousands of families use this day to teach children valuable lessons about compassion and caring. Volunteering also can be a great way for kids and adults to develop skills, learn more about their community and make friends.