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Moms poop, too

I sneak out of the kitchen while they’re distracted and make my way like a ninja through the sitting room, bedroom and into the room that once was my sanctuary—the master bath. The deep, white soaking tub large enough for a synchronized swim team; his and her sinks; a glass walk-in shower that almost disappears from view when freshly cleaned. It’s a g*ddamn porcelain paradise.

Is love all you really need? Surviving postpartum depression.


I love motherhood, but it doesn’t love me. That was the message I was telling myself to try to maintain some semblance of sanity. I just wasn’t cut out for it and it wasn’t my fault. Some women are naturally called to be mothers, some aren’t. I feared I fell into the latter category.

Kidstuff Resale Success!

We had another phenomenal Kidstuff Resale thanks to our Resale Manager, Christy, the Resale Committee, and all of our volunteers. The whole sale ran very smoothly and it was our second biggest sale ever!! Our Spring Resale is scheduled for Saturday, April 29th so start collecting your items to sell and consider voluteering! Volunteers have the opportunity to shop early!

Humility: Your Child’s Gift to You


It's early – even the birds are cranky at this hour. I've been awake for 10 minutes, and I have already stripped the vomit-soaked crib sheet, thrown it into the wash, and nearly finished bathing my feverish toddler. He's screaming, trying to climb out of the tub, and yelling for the waffle he's supposed to be eating instead of being subjected to the torture of bath time.

Gone, mom, gone


I did it. My first 3 days away from the baby since his birth 13 months ago. Granted, it was for work, but still… it was time to be away with actual adults in a real city with cocktails and a little fun sprinkled in.  Does it sound like I was looking forward to it?  Truth be told, I was. And I felt super guilty about that even though I knew I’d miss him like mad.