Can We End the Mommy Wars?

I was checking out our Facebook page today and ran across a great article that Leslie, our Senior Advisor of Promotions, had shared. As I read the article, it reminded me of what we do here and why we do it. I felt compelled to share this article with you, in hopes that it will serve as a great illustration of what our mission and vision is for each of our chapters.

You can read the article yourself here: 5 Mommy Wars that Just Aren't Worth the Fight by Jill Pond.

There have been many posts on the internet about “The Mommy Wars” and all of the various topics that moms everywhere seem to fight about. If you have been a member of a TMN chapter, its likely that you have experienced one of these “wars” yourself – it seems that no “mom group” is immune to this sort of thing.

After reading the article, I scrolled down to read the comments and sure enough, there were plenty of responses. Amid the cheers to the author for her insight and bravery to tackle this topic head on, I couldn’t help but notice all of the comments from moms saying “This is exactly why I left the mom’s group I was a part of – this happened all the time” or some such variation of that theme.

What is sad to me is that some of those commenters could have been moms from our own chapters, moms who came to us looking for support and instead left feeling judged or unwelcome for their particular way of parenting.

The author of this post is right – enough is enough! We can’t keep tearing each other down for making choices different than the ones we might make ourselves! We have to find ways to support each other, despite our differences – because of our differences!

Having people who think differently than you, who do things differently than you, should never be a threat to your own choices. But I think so often, for us moms, it is! We feel so passionate about being the best mom that we can be – we want the best for our children – and if someone is making a completely different choice, what does that say about OUR choice? It’s tough NOT to get defensive.

At The Mommies Network, we really want to be DIFFERENT. We want to be the place where moms can be celebrated for their differences. Where we see our differences as a way to be challenged, to grow, to learn and be more solid in our own choices.

I don’t want us to be like all of the other moms groups out there – I don’t think anyone here wants to feel judged or afraid to speak up. But we all have to make the commitment to do that. As members of The Mommies Network, that’s what you’ve committed to doing – to be supportive to the mothers of your community – to build them up and support them – to celebrate their differences and to learn from each other.

Today I challenge each and every member of our network – to join me in being a network that supports each other and ends The Mommy Wars. To help make each of our chapters into a place where a mom is free to speak without fear of being judged for her decisions, her thoughts or her actions.

We are all blessed to be mothers. We are all given this great responsibility to raise the next generation of leaders. We can change the world, one family, one neighborhood, one community at a time – it simply takes the commitment to do so.

I challenge each of you to join me in making our chapters a place where moms are strengthened and not torn down. I challenge each of us to make our chapters and The Mommies Network DIFFERENT from “all of those other moms groups.”


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