You're NOT Alone: PPD

You’re not alone

New mothers often feel the “baby blues” shortly after their baby is born. They may be emotional, cry easily, become easily frustrated and feel exhausted. When these feelings last more than a few weeks, it may be time to consider reaching out to a doctor for help.But so many moms fail to do this – why? We all strive to be the best parents – and we feel guilty if we are not excited and joyous when our new baby arrives.

We fear the feelings of frustration we have and worry that other parents may judge us for them. When my youngest daughter was born, I experienced Post Partum Depression.

Despite my happiness over her arrival, I was exhausted, frustrated and anxious. I struggled with negative thoughts and fears that would almost overcome me. I was afraid to leave my house for fear something might happen to my children. I was becoming a shell of the person I once was.

Fortunately for me, our group, CharlotteMommies, had formed a PPD Support group a few years prior to the birth of my daughter. Having only had the typical “baby blues” with my first daughter, I remember thinking that the PPD Support group might be a bit of “overkill” on our chapter – why was there such a need for privacy among mothers experiencing these feelings? Why were these moms wanting to “hide” from the other moms to talk about this illness that so many new moms struggle with?

I quickly found that the PPD Support Group was set up so that moms just like me could speak honestly about the feelings that we were experiencing and get support from other moms who were experiencing the same issues or moms who had experienced PPD after their children were born and were now recovered. This private place became a haven for me to share my fears without concern that I would be judged for them. It enabled me to understand that my feelings were not out of the ordinary and that help was available to me, if only I had the courage to ask for it.

Those women gave me the encouragement I needed to seek out medical assistance and supported me as I recovered from my depression. Since my own experience with PPD, I’ve ensured that each of our TMN chapters has a PPD Support group, a private place for mothers to talk with other moms about these feelings and give and receive the support they need during this difficult time. I feel this safe place is important for all moms who may need it. And I truly believe that without the support I received from my own group in Charlotte, I would have never found the help I needed and recovered from the depression I was experiencing.

Today, I want to ensure that all moms are able to get the support they need. I know it can be scary to admit that, despite just having a beautiful new baby, you are not feeling happy and content. It can be hard to admit your fears and frustrations, especially in today’s “open social media world” where not everyone is there to support, but instead to criticize.

So today I am starting a new project to help moms know they are NOT ALONE and to hopefully encourage mothers who are experiencing PPD to find the support and help they need.

I’ve shared my story with you today in hopes that a mother out there will read it and know she is NOT ALONE.

I would like to invite any mom who has experienced Post Partum Depression to share her story, so that we can all send the message to mothers everywhere that they are NOT ALONE, that help is available and that WE CARE about their mental wellness.

Imagine the impact we could have Share your story with us and help us send the message that we are all in this together!

Please send your story to (link sends e-mail) and we will share it with our network. With your help, we can send the message that moms experiencing Post Partum Depression are NOT ALONE and help them find the support and help they need.

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