Where Have All the Good Toys Gone?

Editor's Note:

I met Jay a few weeks ago and was so very impressed with his great idea and his desire to involve parents in the design of his toys and the direction of his company. I knew I had to introduce him to all of you! So many times we've all been disappointed in the quality of toys available for our kids and more than once I've heard "Where are the toys like whatI had when I was a kid?" -- Jay plans to go one step farther and make those toys! Join his Parent Advisory Council and be a part of a fantastic new toy company!
--Heather Fortune

Hi, I’m Jay Burdette, the CEO of Legacy Metal Toys.

Last year I tried to buy a large truck for my grandson Joseph. I wanted a sturdy metal truck like the Mighty Tonka trucks I played with as a child. I knew he and his brother Michael would PLAY with this truck. And by play I mean fill it with heavy loads, drag it through the mud, and try all sorts of creative disasters. They needed a rugged truck that wouldn’t break. After visiting multiple stores and checking online, I came up empty handed but full of ideas. Legacy Metal Toys was born that day.

Legacy Metal Toys was created to build trucks that will last for generations. These American-made trucks will have metal bodies and rubber tires. Each truck will receive a customized license plate with the gift giver’s initials and the child’s initials, as well as the month and year of purchase. This will make each vehicle a true legacy. We plan to make dump trucks, excavators, and fire trucks, along with some creative models like a dinosaur hauler and an ice cream truck.

I began Legacy Metal Toys for my grandsons. I want them to have toys that they can share with their own children one day. But Legacy Metal Toys isn’t just for the children I love. It’s for all children. As part of this belief, I promise to contribute 10 percent of all profits to make a difference in the lives of children in need.

I know that moms and dads are my best resource, so I’ve developed a Parent Advisory Council to provide direction on truck designs and company growth. I need your input! Will you help me? Please complete this short survey to tell me what you want to see in the first LMT truck.

I have one more favor to ask. In order to get these trucks into the hands of children, Legacy Metal Toys needs investors. If you can introduce me to someone who may be a potential investor, such as a family member or friend, please email me at keepmlafin@aol.com.

Thank you so much for your time! I know what a precious resource that is when you have little people to take care of.