Share Your Time and Talents

We know that money can be tight and with fundraisers coming in left and right from the schools, the last thing you need is another candle or bucket of cookie dough. While we do appreciate financial donations (and rely on them to ensure our network remains free for our moms!), we know we would be nothing without the amazing volunteers who donate their time and talents each day to mentor and support our members and volunteers and to administer the various tasks required of a nonprofit organization.

At the chapter level, the focus is activities and events and most chapter-level volunteers are requested to plan and attend events each month as a part of their volunteer role. Chapter Managers and their Management Team handle the day-to-day management of the chapter, including member administration, promotion and group management. Group Coordinators each are responsible for their particular group, publishing new content, engaging the members in regular conversations on the website and planning activities for the members of their group. Chapter Coordinators assist the Chapter Manager and Management Team with regular tasks, such as coordinating a monthly Meet & Greet for new members, or planning an annual community outreach event.

At the network level, positions are exclusively online and range from Chapter Advisors, who mentor chapter volunteers and ensure they have the best opportunity for success, to our Network Advisors and Senior Advisor Team, who focus on particular areas of the network and plan and develop new programs and resources for our entire network.

Whether you are passionate about a particular topic, are empathetic to members in a particular life-situation or are simply talented in a particular skill and eager to share it, there is a place for you at The Mommies Network.

Our Network is 100% volunteer-led – our volunteers are absolutely critical to the success of our entire organization. We’re truly grateful for your time and desire to support our moms through your skills and talents!

Be a SPARK this week:

  • Volunteer at your chapter
  • Volunteer at the Network
  • Share our volunteer opportunities with others in your circle

Until next time,