Be a Conversation Starter

Close your eyes.

Remember a time when you were the stranger in the room – whether it was ten years ago in a classroom or two weeks ago at your husband’s company party.

Remember what it felt like to walk into the room, to see the other people in groups, laughing and talking. That unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach that reminds you that you are the only person here who doesn’t know a single soul.

Maybe you enjoy new social situations – I’ve been told some people do! I’ve always struggled with them myself and have worked my whole adult life to be better at “putting myself out there” and “not being afraid to stand up for myself.” I’d venture to guess at least half the moms out there struggle with new social situations to some extent and can at least identify with these feelings!

Even on a website, it can be hard to jump in. Whether conversation is slow and you’re afraid to stand out, or conversation is lively and you feel as though you’re the invisible one in a room full of friends, it can sometimes be hard to make that first post or put yourself out there to reply to someone’s question.

A spark on a stone fireplace will eventually burn out. It has nothing to catch on to and continue its burn.

In order to be a SPARK on your chapter, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Start a new post, even if you don’t’ think anyone will respond to it. Attend a chapter event, even if only two other people are RSVPed. Friendship isn’t really about the numbers, it’s about the experiences…and who knows what friendship is waiting for you to step up and claim it, if only you are willing to put yourself out there and try.

Communities don’t just form because people all occupy the same space. They form when people occupying the same space communicate!

So post a new topic on the website. Add a blog post to share your thoughts on a current event or fun activity. Attend an event and get face-to-face with other moms. Community happens when you communicate!

Be a SPARK this week:

  • Post a new forum or group topic
  • Attend an event on the calendar
  • Add a blog post to share your ideas and interests

Until next time,